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Having grown up in L.A., show buisness has always been a part of my life.  My father, a local musician gave me my first violin at the age of seven.  A year later my folks took me to see Jack Benny.  where I learned that combining music, entertainment, and laughter was a good thing.

Along with studying classical violin, the acting bug hit me when I turned thirteen. Living in west L.A., it was considered normal for Rita Hayworth, Vincent Price, or Judy Garland to drop by my acting class.

But, my main goal was to play for the Los Angeles Philharmonic. I was a total square. Then my life changed.   I descovered girls and Rock & Roll.  My classical career was over.  After college I moved to berkley to play in my first Original  rock band, little Rodger and the Goosebumps.  Our novelty hit “Gilligans Island/Stairway to Heaven” was an instant Dr. Demento hit.

By the early Eighties, the acting bug took over and it was back to L.A. one year later out of the blue, the the prestegious Venitean room supper club in the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel asked me to take over as musical director. For seven years I worked witht he likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, B.B. king, and James Brown.

It’s Been an incredible ride. as musical director of the first twelve BAMMIES (bay area music awards), I worked with some of rocks biggest names. Bonnie Raitt, Carlos Santana, etc. I was able to continue my acting career in the bay area, landing roles in national commercials and hit fils such as Mrs. doubtfire and Metro.

In 1990 I started SRO, a seventeen pice corporate R&B/ pop show band. My combined theatrical and musical knowledge helped me put together one of the most successfull party bands of all time.

now as a consultant I’m sharing my wealth of show buisness knowledge and experience with musicians and entertainers everywhere.

The Dick Bright Orchestra

The Dick Bright Orchestra stands ready to tailor music to fit every musical need. From solo piano to a 19-piece big band, the Dick Bright Orchestra is extremely versatile. From Sinatra to Beyonce, the group plays it all. With years of performing at many high profile San Francisco events, Dick and the group are extremely comfortable in any situation.

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