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DJ Wayne started DJ’ing as a kid with two boom boxes, cassette mixtapes, a deep love for music, and an imaginary microphone. Turntablism and DJ’ing as an art form came into the picture after completing a term in the Air Force, when he expanded his love for music and worked his way through college DJ’ing and doing voiceover. That’s where he earned a B.A. in Film & Audio Production, and he then went on to become a certified Audio Recording Engineer. Over the past 15+ years, DJ’ing has brought him to many amazing locations & events in California, Hawaii, NYC and abroad, including DJ’ing at the Symbiosis music festival, Ecstatic Dance in California and Hawaii, opening up for the B-52’s, weddings at many treasured San Francisco landmarks like the DeYoung Museum/SF Academy of Sciences/Golden Gate Park, Cruise ships in the SF bay, block parties spanning an entire city block of San Francisco and more. 
He has a vast knowledge of music and a knack for reading crowds to decide what to play next. As an open format DJ, he can incorporate many different styles of music into his clients’ dance parties. If he’s throwing a party of his own it often involves 6 main styles of music: Funk, Soul, Latin, Old School Hip Hop, EDM (Electronic), and Reggae. His sets usually include pre-recorded artists, but he often includes a live component as well where he might create live remixes, mashups, and even original creations.
When it comes to private events/venues like club rentals, weddings, corporate parties etc, he love each and every one of his clients, and thrives on making meaningful connections with them. You won’t hear him on the mic too often, but when its helpful he can MC to help keep the flow feeling organic. The rest of the time he lets the music do the talking. He believes every event is unique and uses his adaptability to create parties that represent the mood, feeling and natural vibration of the people & places involved.

DJ performed music selection via turntablism techniques, microphone/audio amplification and mixing for DJ’s, musicians, conferences and video/photo shows.

This can include microphones, sound/music, coordinating with guests and vendors, MC’ing/announcements, and DJ’ing with multiple sound systems at up to 4 locations on one property.

He can DJ/MC/manage sound for all types of events including private & public club performances, weddings, corporate events, private parties, fundraisers, auctions and more.

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