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With his Hilarious, Spectacular, Interactive Action-Packed Act for All Ages!

Entertainment includes a zany 30-minute show with juggling,
unicycling (6-foot unicycle!), giant transforming origami, magic, comedy,
and more, often followed by roving or interaction with the
kids/adults — teaching juggling/origami or making balloon animals.
Jeremy is also a fire eater and fire juggler, and is 100% insured.

For corporate banquets, entertainment can be a stage show, and/or roving — assorted 3-minute performances at each table. In addition, roving includes unicycling around while juggling bright computerized glowballs.

Featured on Evening Magazine. Fluent in Spanish. Serving the whole Bay Area.



Jeremy’s act often begins with a zany
three-ball juggling routine filled with all
sorts of dissappearing ball tricks and
silly humor. Then comes an array
of fast-paced routines which are selected
on the spot to best fit the particular audience
and timeframe. A few of these acts include:

“Contortionist Juggling”
“Juggling Inside a Hoberman Sphere”
“Out of Control on a Tiny Unicycle!”
“Crystal Ball Contact Juggling”
“Freddy the Juggling Frog”
“Numbers Challenge: 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 balls!”
“Blind Juggling,” “Computerized Globalls”
“Juggling Five on a Six-Foot Unicycle!”
“Karate Juggling Lesson” and various other
stunts involving volunteers

For the finale, Jeremy likes to perform his
spectacular 5-minute fire act which includes
torches, fire balls, flaming shoes, flaming
origami, flaming unicycle and fire eating.

The fire show is optional — plenty of other
acts are spectacular enough to be presented as “The Finale!”



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