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Sidesaddle & Co., based in San Jose California, has been captivating audiences with their unique acoustic sound since 1979 when the band was first established. The five members of the band come from an interesting variety of musical backgrounds, which come alive in their repertoire of primarily traditional Bluegrass music, seasoned with vintage Country, Irish, Cajun and Cowboy Western. Their popularity is extended further by including Gospel, Folk, Novelty and Comedy. Billboard Magazine has called their music “superbly melodic.” Critics have hailed their performances as “sophisticated and highly entertaining” and their harmonies “impeccable.”

Sidesaddle. & Co.’s style is characterized by their soulful vocal harmonies and strong creative instrumental talents. The vocalists in the band share the lead singing, each with a unique personal style that gives the band its appealing diversity.

The longevity of the band is proof-positive that Sidesaddle & Co lends an air of contagious energy and professionalism to every performance. It is the group’s combination of artistry and enthusiasm that has made Sidesaddle and Co. one of the most popular and sought-after Bluegrass bands in the West.

The band has had the pleasure of opening the show for such notables as Bill Monroe, Emmy Lou Harris. Willie Nelson, Billy Dean, Ralph Stanley, New Grass Revival, John Hartford and Jim and Jesse to name a few. Headliners in their own right, this widely traveled band is equally at home performing at national bluegrass festivals, state and county fairs, concerts, on radio and television, at coorprate functions, local events and parties.

Sidesaddle and Co. from San Jose was named Northern California’s “Bluegrass Band of the Year” for 2008 at a ceremony held on Saturday, February 16 in downtown Redwood City.

Sidesaddle Song List

Blue Diamond Mine

Callin’ In The Cows

Sweet Dreams

Cowboy Jim

Chief Sitting In The rain

Parnell Square

Get Up John

Daylight Train

Ridin’ Down The Canyon

Morrison’s/The Monaghan

Country Boy Rock & Roll

I’ll Never Grow Tired Of You

Alabama Jubilee

Rueben’s Train


California Hills

Squaredance Saturday Night

Highway Of Sorrow

Walking Up A Hill

Pain in my Heart


Heartbreak Hill

The Moon is High And So Am I

Dark Asa A Dungeon

Sandy Land

Rooster Bill

Rad Hot Sallys

In ThePines

How Mountain Girls Can Love



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