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History of the Steel Drum Band

The steel drum band instrument was originated on the Caribbean island of Trinidad in 1946. Ellie Mannette, a native of the island, is credited with being the very first person to invent his “pan” or often called “steel drum” out of the now standard 55 gallon steel pan drum.

The steel drum (or often called “steel pan” ) is the only musical instrument (acoustic ) invented in the 20th century.

Steel drums are made right from used oil/water drums. The construction of a steel pan or steel drum instrument is a very time consuming endeavor.

The steel drum band is composed of steel drum instruments covering the full range of a conventional band or we like to say steel drum orchestra.

Steel Drum or “Steel Pan” music includes not only calypso and Caribbean music, but also can include classical, pop music, and jazz, all with sounds of the steel pan or steel drum instrument in distinctive rhythm types

Six types of steel drums make up the steel drum band, including guitar, bass, tenors, cellos, six pan, and rhythm section.

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